Mangano Calcite Tumbled (M-L)
Mangano Calcite Tumbled (M-L)

Mangano Calcite Tumbled (M-L)

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Mangano Calcite is typically a beautiful pink that can range from light to dark depending on the amount of Manganese in it.

Mangano Calcite works with the heart chakra but can help the flow of energy all the way from the crown to the heart. It's all about peace, love and serenity. It's a calming stone and is great to use in mediation as it provides for a soothing and calm atmosphere.

It's been known to help boost self-esteem and confidence and is great to use when dealing with past trauma or highly emotional events.

There are many types of crystallized forms of calcite but it is most known for its rhombohedron crystallization (six-faced crystals, each face with the shape of a rhombus. Calcite is colourless or white and can become green, pink, peach, golden, orange, yellow, red, blue, grey, or black when other compounds blend with it during formation. This mineral releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure, and is an energy amplifier.

These are natural stones and each stone is unique in shape, size, and colour.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed and Reiki applied before we ship out to you. Crystals are intuitively chosen for you.

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About Calcite


Crown and Heart

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Calcite Metaphysical Properties

- Said to help remember information brought to bear during astral travel and channeling experiences
- Helps the body, to remember the state of perfection during disease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness.
- Useful in multi-directional energy distribution
- The energy, which is directed inward toward the central forces of the mineral, separates and returns at double the intensity
- Brings forth a polarizing prismatic energy that provides a spectrum of energy to clear and to activate all of the chakras
- Facilitates macrocosmic awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature
- An excellent stone when studying the arts and sciences
- Placement of the various colours of calcite upon the body has induced amplification of one's energy field
- Placing calcite, of the appropriate chakra colour, upon the chakra, has not only cleared and activated that chakra, but has provided a "sweeping" action which cleared the remaining centers
- Clear calcite and golden calcite are excellent energy sources for use at the crown chakra
- Clear calcite has also been used at all chakras to provide for the amplification of the energy available
- Green calcite has also been used to rid the body of infections and to provide a barrier to diminish the effect of disease producing microorganisms
- It has been used with Lepidolite and quartz to eliminate candida

Customer Reviews

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Heather G.
Quality is out of this world!

I received quite a big sized tumble which was lovely! The quality of the stone is amazing. I also love that it is UV reactive!

Sarah a.

It is so beautiful and the energy is incredible I love meditating with this beautiful stone

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