The 7 Chakras: A Guide to Their Amazing Meanings & Energy Healing Qualities

The 7 Chakras: A Guide to Their Amazing Meanings & Energy Healing Qualities

When I first learned about chakras something just clicked. It just made sense to me and it opened doors to a deeper understanding of not only my body, but also of the connection between my body and universal energy.

If you're new to chakras, this post if for you and even if you're aware of chakras, I encourage you to read on and see if there's something new to take away. Have a chakra tidbit you'd like to share? Feel free to leave a comment. I love to hear about new ideas and facts. :)

So, what are chakras anyways?

You may have noticed that when you see images of chakras, that besides each chakra having its own individual and related colour, they are also commonly depicted as a lotus blossom. The lotus blossom is used as a symbol of rebirth as the flower will only grow out of muddy earth and darkness in order to blossom and this in turn symbolises us as human beings, being born from nothing and, in turn, our growing into beautiful beings, each complete in their own unique way. This same blossoming process is also symbolic of the expansion of our soul and the spiritual enlightenment that is created when this happens.

The chakra system originated around 1500 BC as part of the yoga systems in India and the word Chakra actually means a wheel or disc. This Sanskrit word describes these discs as being focal points of spinning energy or psychic nodes which give us our spiritual power.

Each of the seven main chakras is related to, and connected with, different parts of the body, all of which perform a wide variety of both spiritual and physical functions. Aligned from the base of the spine to up through the crown of the head, the chakras align to create a flowing energetic current. When this energy flows downwards we call this a manifesting flow, whereas an upwards flow is seen as being energetic.

Each chakra develops sequentially as we grow, and each holds its own lessons. Most people identify with the seven main chakras but some traditions believe there are five, nine or 12. For this post, we are going to focus on the main seven but I encourage you to learn about many smaller chakras within the body once you have an understanding of the main ones.

To open and ‘awaken’ our chakras we need to begin to work from the Root chakra, working our way through each one until we reach the
Crown chakra.

Each chakra has a functionality which affects how we experience our material world.

Chakras & Elements

Chakras are connected to colour and also elements of nature and the cosmos. The lower chakras are associated with the denser more physical/tangible elements of the earth such as fire, water, earth and the higher chakras are associated with the finer energy elements of air, ether, light and consciousness.

Let's look at each chakra starting at the base and working upwards:

Root/Base Chakra: Earth

The root/base chakra represents the Earth and is associated to being grounded and stable and carries the solidity of Mother Earth and all her strength. A physical representation is the micronutrients of the earth being protein.

It's associated with your connection to the element earth, and to family, physical energy, survival, courage, stability, material issues, passion and grounding.

Sacral Chakra: Water

The sacral chakra represents the water element, gentle and flowing yet strong, sustaining and forceful at the same time. A physical representation is the micronutrients of water, fluids and fats.

Being of the water element, we connect the sacral chakra to emotions and to flow; it is also related to relationships, desire and pleasure. This chakra is connected to the female reproductive organs, which create life and that is why we associate this chakra with creativity.

Solar Plexus: Fire

The solar plexus chakra represents the fire element and is associated with transformation, power and confidence. A physical representation is the micronutrients of carbohydrates, simple sugars to complex starches.

Your solar plexus has many functions and it's related to your ego, self-esteem, intelligence and assimilation. When you think of fire you can think of either warmth and comfort or fear, since it's able to cause both within us. 

Heart Chakra: Air

The heart chakra represents the element of air. Unlike all the previous chakras we can live so long without food and water but only a few minutes without air.

The heart chakra, or heart coherence, is a widely researched subject with the likes of Heart Math Institute and their research on the heart’s
electromagnetic field and neurochemicals. Ancient traditions equate the breath to be our life force energy, or Prana/Chi, and we are able to move/dispel emotions through our breath.

Without air, fire cannot burn. The solar plexus chakra relies on the heart chakra and the physical body. The. heart chakra is associated with your lungs, which draw in air, and your heart, which draws in blood. It relates to how you draw in life and create balance between your internal and external environments.

Throat Chakra: Ether

The throat chakra represents the element of the Ether and is an even finer energy than air itself. The Ether connects all things and carries our vibration across its medium into the vast intricate web of the Ether or Quantum Web.

Your throat chakra is the centre for your expression and communication. Every lesson you have earned while growing up results in who you are today and this is then expressed through your throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra: Light

The third eye chakra represents the element of light, being photonic wave or particles of light. The Third Eye represents our ability to see beyond the physical and lights the way to another way of seeing either through dreams, clairvoyance, premonitions or a sense of knowing.

"Third Eye" is a good name for this chakra, as it's all about seeing what can't be seen. You can't see the third eye in the middle of your forehead, but this chakra allows you to sense and see in your mind's eye that which can't be seen by your physical eyes.

The third eye chakra is all about insight or the ability to look within and get in touch with your intuition, which is believed to be communicated with your own soul. It is the centre of your clairvoyant experiences, which makes sense if the chakra is related to your insight.  The third eye is also about vision.

Crown Chakra: Thought

The crown chakra represents the element of universal consciousness which connects to the whole. This chakra gives us the sense of oneness and wholeness which sustains the beautiful unison between our body, mind, heart and soul.

Your crown chakra is your connection to your the universe, just like your base chakra is the connection to the earth. This is where you feel a connection to a higher power, which gives you faith in life, spiritual purpose, wisdom, peace and oneness. 

Opening & Clearing Your Chakras

Chakras can be opened by a variety of methods. One method is to use a laser wand or a wand-like crystal, rotated in a counter-clockwise direction or in a clockwise direction depending on the person. 

I like to visualize and open my chakras through guided meditations as well and find that including crystals that correspond to each chakra (by colour) helps during the process.

Chakras, Crystals & Crystal Grids

Chakras are important to consider when creating crystal grids, because when manifesting it helps to use as many aligned energies as possible. Most of the issues you are hoping to shift in life relate back to imbalances in your chakras. When you have a good understanding of how your everyday problems relate to specific chakras, you'll be able to select the right crystals for the job with ease. 

If you're interested learning more about chakras as well as healing visualizations and some intuitive guidance questions that will help you to understand the state of your chakras download our free Chakra Healing Guide.

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