Carnelian Rough Cut (lb)
Carnelian Rough Cut (lb)

Carnelian Rough Cut (lb)

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The Carnelian crystal is a reddish-orange crystal, often banded with white, grey, or black veins. It is a chalcedony quartz and has a Mohs Hardness of 6-7, and a specific gravity of 2.6-2.7. This Carnelian Tumbled (M) is a beautiful stone, perfect for carrying or wearing to bring good luck, hope and courage. The small, smooth surface of this reddish-orange crystal makes it comfortable to hold or wear and the white, grey, and black veins give it a unique, eye-catching look.

Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed and Reiki applied before we ship out to you. Crystals are intuitively chosen for you.

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About Carnelian



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Numerical Vibration

5 and 6

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Astrological Sign(s)

Taurus, Cancer, and Leo

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Carnelian Metaphysical Properties

- Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision
- Provides for perceptiveness to situations
- Awakens ones inherent talents
- Used to produce inspiration from, and connectedness with, the spiritual worlds
- Protects against envy, fear, and rage
- Helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure
- Assists in providing for awareness of the association between the emotional state and the inner condition of the self
- Provides an energy conducive to the stabilization of energy in the home
- Provides, a strong, yet tender energy when used in the mode of retreat
- Stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative
- Can be used to dispel apathy, indolence, and passivity
- Use in cleansing negativity from other stones
- Provides for a clearing action while directing any negative energy, which is within the area, toward the light of transmutation
- Assist in drama and in pursuits related to theatrical presentations
- Useful in work on the first, second, third, and fourth chakras
- Can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity, and compassion
- Assists earth-bound spirits to leave an area

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