Tuning In: An Introduction to Sound Healing

An introductory workshop on sound healing and becoming your own human tuning fork

About this experience

Both ancients spiritual masters and modern day quantum physicist acknowledge, the universe is vibration. Through the art of sound, pitching and toning, we have the ability to communicate with our subtle bodies, creating harmony, physical, emotional, spiritual healing, expanding your consciousness. Join Nicky Lee in an exploration of voice toning, the 7 vowel sounds, and the 7 bija mantras, and becoming your own human tuning fork.

Your Host

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I am Muskwe Giizgigong Kwe (Red Sky Women). My English name is Nicky Lee, I am a holistic health practitioner, I have been gifted with the art of healing. I began this journey, first, for my own healing, through the years I have chosen to answer the call to dedicate these gifts to helping others explore the path of wellness, through different lenses. I am a lifelong learner, teacher, and explorer, and have been trained in various styles of healing modalities working both 1-1 sessions as a group.