Peacock Ore Healing Properties

Chakra: All

Vibration: 2,4

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Peacock Ore Healing Properties:

  • Facilitate the synthesis of the chakras
  • Useful in the individual activation of the chakras
  • Can bring freshness and newness to ones life
  • Stimulates the inner spirit to seek further heights
  • Helps to give the ability to enjoy happiness in the moment
  • Excellent stone for use during activities of rebirthing
  • Helps to integrate and to unite the existing separation of the emotions with the intellect
  • Helps to release that which is no longer useful
  • Promotes insight into the aspects of grief and relief
  • Allows one to recognize and accept differences
  • A "stone of happiness", providing a message that life is truly joyful to experience
  • Assists one in recognizing that there's no need be lacking in any aspect of life since one is the image of the creation, now and for all times
  • Protects one from negative energy bombardment
  • Assists one in the recognition of the source of negativity
  • Provides for insight to the obstacles that block ones progression toward a specific goal
  • Furthers awareness of the avenues available for use to achieve a goal
  • Produces an energy similar to the energy of alignment
  • Emits a circular energy which returns to itself; upon the return, it transforms any negative forces, which have been gathered, into pure beneficial energy
  • When the energy of peacock ore (bornite) is applied to a part of the body, it affects the remaining portions
  • Excellent healing stone
  • Used to assist in the building of the physical body