Moonstone Healing Properties

Chakra: Sacral, Third-Eye, Crown

Vibration: 4

Astrological Sign: Libra

Moonstone Healing Properties:

  • A stone for hoping and wishing
  • Allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universal energies
  • Helps one to recognize the "ups and downs" and to gracefully acknowledge the changing cycles
  • Assists in sustaining and maintaining, and understanding the destiny one has chosen
  • Bring the galactic evolved energies from other worlds to accessibility
  • A stone for "feeling", and understanding via intuition and emotional "thoughts" vs. intellectual reasoning
  • Brings flashes of insight, removing the possibility of neglecting what one gained from an experience
  • Stimulates intuitive recognition and helps one to apply the intuitive knowledge
  • Enhances perception and discernment
  • Allows decisions to be made painlessly when it furthers ones development
  • Used to alleviate emotional tension
  • Enhances the positive attributes of creativity and self-expression
  • Cleanses negativity from the chakras
  • Enhances the feminine aspects of one's nature
  • Provides spiritual nourishment and sustenance and a loving compassion to further assist through all changes
  • Stimulates confidence and composure
  • Allows one to understand that there is no situation so difficult that it cannot be countered with diplomacy
  • Sustains and supports while promoting growth and supplementing energy
  • Provides connection between the physical, emotion, and intellectual bodies
  • Moves forward advancement and diminishes obstacles in the path leading to one's progression
  • The removal of obstacles usually occurs with the release and/or integration of the obstacle
  • Assists in the total fulfillment of one's destiny
  • Provides guidance about the most effective procedural steps available to facilitate the attainment of the desired end result
  • Called the "traveler's stone", it is used for protection against the perils of travel
  • A talisman of good fortune
  • Said to bring tenderness within the self, and to bring happiness to the environment in which it resides
  • Brings calmness coupled with awareness
  • Attunes to the normal rhythms of the biological forces of one's body in a way that helps to maximize, recognize, and utilize the natural energy cycles of the body