Lapis Lazuli Additional Info

Things to Try:

  • Place over the third eye to aid one in developing insight into one's own dreams

Additional Notes:

  • Was used by the Hebrews to adom their ceremonial robes
  • Lapis and Rutilated Topaz have been used together to both shield and build the aura by either combining minerals is via elixir, use one mineral as an elixir and to carry or wear the other or o wear the minerals
  • Can be used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus, and immune system
  • Can help to relieve the symptoms of insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness
  • Assists in preventing and in rectifying RNA/DNA damage
  • Has been used to activate the regenerative energies within the body
  • Can be used to stimulate cellular re-structuring with respect to both hearing loss and the Eustachian tube
  • The crystalline form of lapis can be used to access the energy to sustain health and to restructure cellular, muscular, and skeletal disorders