Clear Quartz Additional Info

Things to Try:

  • Placing the crystal at the area of the third-eye, during meditation, seems to enable one to focus more clearly and helps the mind can become empty
  • Placing the crystal upon the heart chakra to clear emotional disturbances from ones being
  • Wear close to the neck to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Wear over the heart to help with respiratory problems such as congestion 
  • Wear over the solar plexus for the stimulation of total body energies, and can also increase ones emotional fields (this may/may not be so desirable)
  • Wear on fingers to enhance "the midas touch"
  • Wear on the wrist to provide stimulation to the meridians which represent survival and protection of the physical and emotional bodies
  • Wear at the third-eye to stimulate mental clarity, facilitating deep meditative states and activating psychic abilities
  • Wear as earrings for balancing of the physical body, for alignment with the higher realms, for stabilization and balancing of all chakras, for clearing and activation of the throat chakra and the third-eye, and for synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Carrying a single quartz crystal or place your environment to assist in maintaining balance, energy, and protection

Additional Notes:

  • Can stimulate the thymus and can increase the the efficiency of both the immune system and ones defenses against disease
  • Whether the crystal is worn, carried, or placed in one's environment, the force, the warmth, and the brilliance remain attuned to the energy of the one to whom it is connected
  • Experimentation with Kirlian photography shows that the direction in which the point is worn makes very little difference; there is actually an overall increase in the energy field no matter which way the crystal points
  • Pointing the crystal "up" has channeled energy into the upper chakras, causing some people to be so stimulated that they felt they were leaving their bodies
  • Using the crystal point up has been quite beneficial for meditation, prayer, study, and taking tests
  • Pointing the crystal "down" has a slight grounding effect as energy was directed toward the lower body and the Earth, tending to maintain more efficient grounding and assisting one in remaining more "in tune" with the world