Angelite Healing Properties

Chakra: Throat

Vibration: 1

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Angelite Healing Properties:

  • Excellent balancing agent
  • Polarizes and aligns the physical body with the ethereal network
  • Provides a protective field around the environment in which it is placed
  • Use of an elixir tends to install a shield of protection around the physical body
  • An elixir applied to areas of agriculture has been used to suppress infestations of insects
  • A sender and receiver; telepathic communication is enhanced
  • Helps with communication with ones spirit totem
  • Helps one in spiritual journeys and in astral travel
  • An excellent stone for promotion of both astrological and mathematical understanding and comprehension
  • Represents peace to the world
  • A "stone for raising the state of conscious awareness"
  • Promotes clear and orderly communication
  • Dispels anger
  • Renews ones connectedness with universal knowledge
  • Used to induce the re-birthing process
  • Provides guidance in psychic healing
  • Opens the pathway for channeling
  • Provides for the linking of the network between the psychic and the infrastructure of the ethereal energy field