Amethyst Additional Info

Things to Try:

  • Direct love to the structure of the amethyst. By doing this the energy is increased by orders of magnitude and returned to the region in which the amethyst is located.
  • Consciously hold the amethyst to allow one to activate the energy to produce an alignment of the energy bodies, providing for stimulus to rectify dis-association between the aspects of cause and effect.

Additional Notes:

  • Useful in the situation of debating, affording advantage to the holder of the amethyst; the advantage being attained via spiritual insight coupled with intellectual reasoning.
  • Amethyst has been used in conjunction with chlorite to expedite removal of unwanted energy implants from one's physical and auric bodies. The combination, when placed in the energy field of the physical body, provides a connection with universal mind which, in turn, confers the information with respect to the location of the implant.
  • Amethyst is also found in combination with Cacoxenite, to provide a very powerful energy, and combining the qualities of both minerals.