What Is an Abundance Grid and How to Set One Up

What Is an Abundance Grid and How to Set One Up

We're now onto the fifth installment of our crystal grid series where we're going to look at setting up an abundance grid. If you haven't see the first four parts, you can check out the first one here.

Today I thought I’d walk you through how I set up my crystal grid when manifesting for abundance. The grid I chose for this manifestation is the Flower of Life grid. This sacred geometric form can be seen all over the world; it is the symbol of creation. It is created by forming a circle then moving to the edge of that circle and forming another one. Each circle begins one radius away from the surrounding circles and is of equal size.

Said to be the basic template for everything in existence, all geometric forms can be found within it, including sacred geometry shapes like the Platonic Solids, Metatron’s Cube, and the Merkaba.

When you think of the Flower of Life and you think of flowers in general, they come from a seed and then blossom into a flower. This is why I chose the Flower of Life grid… because it embodies growth.

When setting up a crystal grid, you typically place a main crystal at the centre. For this example, I've used an amethyst point. I am an Aquarius, so amethyst is my birthstone. The amethyst crystal in the centre of my grid represents me. Amethyst is a powerful stone. It's also great with intuition, the third eye and being aligned. I like to have that as a representation of myself, so that when I set the intention, that I'm going to be open to be connected to spirit, to be able to receive the energy and the communication that is within this grid.

Quartz is another crystal that is commonly used when setting up crystal grids.  Quartz itself can be used on its own. It is known as the master stone, and it’s an amplifier of energy. I’ve seen grids that contain only quartz. However, I like to incorporate different crystals in mine along with the amplifying qualities of the quartz.

In this example, I’m using quartz points to help amplify my intention. Since I want to manifest abundance for self, I’ve placed the points so that they are directed towards the amethyst crystal, representing myself. If I wanted to send out love and healing energy into the world, which I've done with grids before, I might have my crystal points pointing outwards. The way and the direction that you put your points is the way that the energy's going to move in.

In my abundance grid, I have placed blue kyanite along the outside. Blue kyanite is an incredibly strong crystal. It never needs to be cleared. It's kind of like selenite and one of the power stones. Blue kyanite is also incredible with manifesting and being able to align the chakras to be able to open the path in order for manifestation to happen. Similar to the quartz points, I have the blue kyanite pointing towards the center at my amethyst.

In this example, I’ve also used a few different types of crystals that support the three lower chakras. I haven't really talked too much about chakras yet, but each chakra can be supported or amplified by various crystals or stones. Depending on the intention that you're trying to set, you can use different crystals or stones on your grid. Since in this example I'm trying to do abundance, I’ll use ones that focus on the lower chakras.

I have the base chakra, which is really about survival and money. Then I have the sacral chakra, which is the relationship to money. And then I have some solar plexus, which is all about self-esteem. The reason why I put the solar plexus in there is because oftentimes people don't feel that they're deserving or that they're worthy. By including the solar plexus, I am putting it out to the universe that I gain self-esteem and the understanding that I am deserving, I am love, I am worthy of the abundance that the universe wants to provide for me.

Using smaller laser crystals pointing in, I’ve used carnelian (which is a great stone for manifesting clearing with money), pyrite (a good luck stone that also brings wealth), and  citrine (which is known as the Merchant Stone for wealth and abundance).

Once I'm ready to set up my grid, then I'll go through a ritual. What that means for me is going through meditation, about opening myself up to spirit. For many, ritual can be prayer. It can be really anything that works for you, but the point of ritual is really just to put your focus and your intention on whatever it is that you desire. I will go through a ritual in order to ask and pray for abundance, and then I'll let this do my magic.

After completing your meditation or ritual, it’s up to you what you’d like to do with your grid. Some people will break down their grids right away. I like to keep mine going, so I'll move them to a safe spot, which is why I like to use the wooden crystal grids.

I would love to know if there's a particular grid that you would like me to put together or an intention that you would like to see put into grid form. If you do have a request, please feel free to let me know and I would love to put an example of that together for you.

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